Koziebrocki Law works with veterinarians who encounter regulatory issues at the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (“CVO”), the oversight body for the professional conduct of the Province’s veterinarians.

We can help veterinarians respond to complaints at the CVO.  Our practice includes ensuring that written responses demonstrate that appropriate action has been taken to ensure that all issues of concern have been corrected.  We will also work to ensure that responses are sufficiently detailed and include complete patient records (e.g. communication notes, surgery/anesthetic logs, laboratory reports, controlled drug logs, x-ray logs, x-rays, invoices and electronic record audit trails) that comply with the CVO’s Professional Practice Standard on Medical Records.

We will work with veterinarians to resolve issues early on in the Mediated Resolutions Program (“MRP”). 

Further, we will also work with veterinarians who have been disciplined by the CVO and choose to appeal the decision of the Complaints Committee to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (“HPARB”).

We will work with veterinarians on the following regulatory issues: 

  • Assisting veterinarians in registration applications; 
  • Assisting with fitness to practice matters; and
  • Advising veterinarians on other practice issues that may arise, such as employment and other contract issues related to their staff or practice.


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