Koziebrocki Law’s practice includes working with lawyers regulated by the Law Society of Ontario (“LSO”) and other provincial regulatory bodies.  Our firm will assist lawyers and paralegals on matters including the following:  

  • Advising on various practice issues, such as those related to a lawyer’s initial registration and entry to practice, certified specialist designation, equity/diversity, and foreign trained lawyers;
  • Advising lawyers on issues related to their employment of staff and paralegals, as well as potential billing issues;
  • Representing lawyers at various stages of the complaints and discipline process, including but not limited to: responding to an initial complaint; resolving early complaints; and cooperating with an investigation in accordance with the Law Society Act; 
  • Representing lawyers before the Proceedings Authorization Committee; 
  • Advocating on behalf of lawyers at discipline hearings; 
  • Advising on next steps for lawyers whose licences have been suspended or revoked; and
  • Representing lawyers in appeals before the Divisional Court of Ontario.


Responding to Complaints at the Law Society of Ontario

The “Good Character” Requirement Of Registration With The Law Society Of Ontario