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We are lawyers for insurance agents & brokers who are navigating regulatory issues at the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (“FSRA”) and the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (“RIBO”).

How We Assist Insurance Agents & Brokers

Our team of defence lawyers will assist insurance agents & brokers on various regulatory issues, including the following:

  • Drafting responses to client complaints at the RIBO, which are reviewed by the Complaints Committee of the Council of the RIBO;
  • Defending insurance brokers at formal discipline hearings before the Discipline Committee of the Council of the RIBO;
  • Assisting insurance brokers with RIBO registration applications and advocating at hearings before the RIBO’s Qualification and Registration Committee;
  • Representing insurance brokers in RIBO appeals before the Divisional Court;
  • Advising insurance agents and brokers on various practice issues, such as performance standards and employment/contract issues; and
  • Advising insurance agents and brokers on any new regulatory requirements that may come into force under the FSRA or any other new legislation.


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